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"We will always remember our brothers in BLUE"
Richard Taylor Donald Feser

2018 Retirement Party Nov. 2, 2018  7:00 at Rory Dolans Mclean Ave, Yonkers

Retirees this year Are: Sgt Palusko, Sgt Patriaco, Sgt Madorous, Det Komis, Det Brathwaite, PO Arroyo



It was the mid-70's, when Emergency Service cops still wore the regular eight-pointed uniform hats.

Just before the morning rush hour, a truck carrying a truck-load of cattle came off the Whitestone Bridge, and took the relatively new cut-off for the Cross Bronx Expressway, a turn that engineers thought was sufficient for any vehicle. The tight turn caused a shift of the load on the truck. The results were a rodeo of Highway and Emergency cops trying to literally lasso loose cattle that escaped from their overturned ride.

Do you know who that tow truck driver is in the background of the first photo? (John Delgardo Sr.)



Harlem River Drive History